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Library Edition

  • High quality, searchable digital newspaper from 2006 to today
  • Easiest way to view past copies of The Age and The SMH
  • Over 18 years of interactive digital replicas
  • Trusted stories from a live record of history
  • Easy to use on all devices
  • Personal, school, library and corporate access available.

The Library Edition is the most extensive digital archive of true to print digital copies of
The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers from 2006.

With its refined search capabilities, it is the perfect research tool for schools and universities, public libraries, businesses and anyone who simply wants to view a back issue of the newspaper.

Easy to use

Delivers what you are looking for - fast

True-To-Print Newspaper Replica

Find articles, photographs, ads, classified or cartoons just as they were printed.

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View on computer, tablet or mobile phone through a standard web browser

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Control the way you see an article.
Zoom in, zoom out or remove photos


Print any page, article or ad.


Email any page, article, or ad.

Subscription Options

Whether you're providing a research resource for a group of people or
simply searching births, deaths and marriages, we have a subscription that is right for you.

  • Personal
  • For those needing short time access
  • per chosen period

  • Education
  • For Schools & Tafe colleges
  • per year

  • Enterprise
  • For Businesses, Universities and Libraries
  • per year

Renew Education & Enterprise subscriptions by contacting accountlibraryedition@smedia.com.au or 03 9827 7760

All prices are in AUD and GST inclusive.

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Browse issues of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald from 2006 to today.

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    The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

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Frequently Asked Questions
What access do I get with my subscription?

Online access to the full digital newspaper archive from 2006 onwards starting from the time your payment has been processed. The online archive contains editorial and photographic material that appeared in the printed version of the paper. This includes the news, sections, sport and regular features. Fairfax reserves the right to omit material from the online edition in the event of possible legal liability. The Age Library edition contains all the newspaper content published from Monday to Sunday from 2006 onwards. The Sydney Morning Herald Library Edition contains all the newspaper content published from Monday to Saturday from 2006 onwards. The Good Weekend (SMH) is only available from 3 September 2011 and The Good Weekend (Age) is only available from 20 November 2010. The Sun-Herald is available from Sunday 6 February 2011 onwards. The content is updated regularly. Please note that 2006 content is limited to only News, Business and Sport sections.

What subscription plans are available?

Short term access can be obtained by individuals wishing to access past copies of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald for personal use. Longer term 12 month subscriptions are available under 3 types of licences: 1) Single User, 2) 5 Concurrent Users, and 3) Unlimited Concurrent Users within an organisation. To read our Terms of Use Click here. For more information contact us via support@smedia.com.au.

How do I access my subscription?

Short term personal subscriptions can be processed entirely online by credit card via this link. For 12 month subscriptions, please submit an order form. Once your order has been received by us, a Tax Invoice will be sent to you. As soon as payment is received, youraccess will be activated and you will be sent either a user name and password or a direct link to the archive, (your preference).

How do I read articles?

To read an article, click on it and the page automatically zooms in to enable full readability. Double clicking on an article will reveal a pop up window offering two other ways to view the article. One is via Image View where you will see an image of the article in context as it is was printed. The other way is via Text view. Text view allows you to see the article as pure text. These options can be toggled by clicking the Image/Text button in the top right hand side of the pop up screen.

Is it possible to set up an automatic login (for libraries and schools)?

If your library or school requires an automatic login, a custom link with your Username and Password and /or online form will be generated for you. This direct access link can be embedded behind a secure wall (ie: password protected page) to your website, portal or intranet. Alternatively you can be automatically authenticated by your network IP address. Ask your Network Administrator for your external IP address and provide it to us on the order form. Our tech team is able to guide you on the best way to set up access. Please contact us via helpdesklibraryedition@smedia.com.au or 03 9827 7760.

Is remote user access allowed?

Please contact 03 9827 7760 or email accountlibraryedition@smedia.com.au to determine whether remote access is available for your school or organisation.

Can I print the Library Edition pages and articles?

Yes, simply double click into the article and select the printer icon in the top left hand side of the screen.

Can I republish an article in a book / newsletter / website / etc?

The Library Edition is strictly intended for personal use. To seek permission to republish please contact Fairfax Syndication by clicking here.

Can I use a photograph in a book / newsletter / website / etc?

Not without permission. Note that Fairfax do not own the copyright to all photos that appear in The Age and the SMH. Email fairfaxphotos@fairfax.com.au by clicking here with a description of the image, details of the publication date and page number.

Can I sell the material from the online edition?

No. All material published is subject to copyright laws of Australia and cannot be used or sold without the written permission of Fairfax.

Can I purchase a print of a photo that appeared in the paper?

Please email fairfaxphotos@fairfax.com.au or visit us by clicking here.